Registration and Enrolment of new entrants usually takes place in January. Information about enrolment is available from the school or nursery/playgroup and is also advertised in the Greenock Telegraph and St. Joseph’s Church Bulletin. Legislation gives parents freedom of choice of school for their children however, it is necessary for children to be registered in the school serving their area. (The Head Teacher will be pleased to give any advice required)

Children moving into the area during the school year should be registered.

Auchneagh Avenue            Kenmore Drive
Auchneagh Crescent          Kenmore Place
Auchneagh Farm Lane       Kestrel Crescent
Auchneagh Farm Road      Kestrel Place
Auchneagh Road                Kilbrannan Drive
Baine Street                          Killen Place
Bow Road                             Larkfield Road (nos. 12-40 only)
Brae View                              Lawers Place
Brambling Road                   Linnet Road
Buchanan Street                  Lyle Road (nos. 56-78 only)
Canmore Crescent              MacBeth Road
Cawdor Crescent                Maple Road
Cawdor Place                       Mallard Crescent
Curlew Crescent                  Mallard Lane
Curlew Lane                         Mary Street
Davey Street                         Mavis Road
Dee Street                            Merlin Avenue
Delfie Drive                           Merlin Lane
Don Street                             Munro Street
Falcon Crescent                  Murray Street
Falcon Lane                         Ness Road
Fancy Farm Place               Nicol Drive
Fancy Farm Road               Nicol Street
Fearnan Place                    Old Inverkip Road (over 140 & 147)
Fergus Drive                        Osprey Road
Fergus Place                       Partridge Road
Fergus Road                       Paton Street
Finch Road                          Pennyfern Drive
Florence Street                   Pennyfern Road
Forth Street                         Plover Lane
Gael Street                          Rankin Street
Gateside Avenue                Raven Road
Gateside Gardens             Robin Road
Gateside Grove                  Rook Road
Glamis Drive                       Rose Street
Glamis Place                      Rowan Street
Graham Street                    Sandpiper Lane
Grieve Crescent                 Siskin Close
Grieve Road                        Skye Street
Harrier Way                        Smithston Cottages
Heron Road                       Tweed Street
Inverkip Road                    Walker Street
Iona Street                         Wheatear Close
Jura Street                          Wren Road
There is an ongoing review of streets and house numbers

Placing Requests
Education Services does not provide transport for those pupils in receipt of a placing request other than in exceptional circumstances.

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